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Proactive Patrol

Posted in: Case Studies, FAQ, Guards, Patrols on Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

Do you guys ever arrest anyone, is a frequently asked question?

Here is a report where we were instrumental in making an arrest. The site is a deserted industrial plant where millions of dollars worth of machinery, copper and other goods are still in place.
Our patrolmen who do 3 irregular calls a night took it very personally that during their absences, stuff was being taken.
The patrolmen devised a plan where they would park their vehicles away from the plant and to approach the site by foot.
On this particular night, our patrolman approached the site by foot and found the main gate had been forced open. In the dark he saw a vehicle in the distance. Our patrolman hurried back to his car and called for backup. The night supervisor decided to call the police who attended swiftly with the dog squad. The intruder was quickly apprehended.
The following day this email came from the assistant manager.

Great work guys – thank you for being so proactive on this job. I know you have been focused on looking after our site. Our General Manager is currently interstate on business and I know he will be very pleased when I let him know about your result.

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