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Positive feedback from local council

Posted in: Recommendations on Saturday, February 18th, 2012

Hi Simon,

I just wish to echo the compliment below. It’s very nice to see compliments come from our user groups regarding the security guards in our company. Thanks for allocating a guard with some people skills and common sense.

I was onsite towards the end of this melee and very impressed with a young security guard. He showed a mature, balanced approach. Not gun hoe, but not too timid as well.

He managed to contain the situation via good communication skills long enough for Police to arrive at the scene (some two hours later). That is quite an achievement considering I counted over 60 young people and young adults onsite in rival groups with much tension between them. How he managed to keep them apart and control the site for so long is amazing.

Police were delayed in responding to the two 000 calls due to a life threatening situation elsewhere that required all their available resources. (I received feed back via police assistance line)

Please pass our compliments and feed back on to your committed guard.

Well done and thank you.