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Newcastle CCTV, providing video serviellance to protect your property. CCTV Newcastle. Patrols, Guards, Alarms, events, commercial residential. Record IP network images to a computer.

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Our experience with CCTV goes back twenty years. Technology has changed these systems dramatically and we are now working with state of the art digital systems. And that’s not all that has changed. High quality cameras are now available at very competitive prices making CCTV Newcastle well within the reach of small business.

Closed circuit television works inside and outside, day and night. Video Surveillance Newcastle is now a integral part of any clients protection from theft and vandalism.

CCTV has become an affordable investment in preventing crime and enhancing public safety.   It gives businesses and home-owners the peace-of-mind that their valuable property is protected 24 hours a day, with tangible visual evidence accessible at the touch of a button.

We provide systems that range from 2-4 cameras for a small business to 50 cameras for a large organisation, retail property or industrial complex.

CCTV provides a range of useful functions alongside security from OH&S monitoring to crime identification and documentation of financial transactions. CCTV is a growing security and an organisational tool and a worthwhile investment for any business.

IP camera’s that allow remote off site viewing are leading the way, Just like Newcastle Security is leading the way with this new CCTV technology.

An intruder in your business can cost you an awful lot – in damage to expensive equipment, in assaults on personnel, and in disruption to the day-to-day running of your business. Our range of CCTV systems in Newcastle offer the very best protection against intruders. A CCTV system will create a safer environment for your employees and will enable you to monitor staff activity. It will also act as a general deterrent against theft, violence and vandalism.

With advances in technology, a CCTV system can deliver many more benefits than you were probably first aware of. Features such as remote, real time monitoring and multi-location supervision can take this type of security system to a completely new level. CCTV can also provide valuable evidence for prosecution and in support of an insurance claim.

But it’s important you get the right CCTV security system that is geared to the size and layout of your business premises, both internal and external.

The future is upon us already and Newcastle Security can provide the ability to remote log into a CCTV system from anywhere on the internet, use a web browser or your iphone to check your premise remotely.  Newcastle CCTV specialist.

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