Positive feedback from local council

Recommendations on 18/02/2012

Hi Simon, I just wish to echo the compliment below. It’s very nice to see compliments come from our user groups regarding the security guards in our company. Thanks for allocating a guard with some people skills and common sense. I was onsite towards the end of this melee and very impressed with a young security guard. He showed a […]

Great Services

Recommendations, Services on 29/06/2011

Living way up here in the bush has its advantages and disadvantages. One of the disadvantages is that a service from Newcastle for anything we need is a half day round trip. We had a problem with our security system. Ray the salesman thought it might be to do with the mice plague that we’re currently having and that we […]


Guard Services

Case Studies, Guards, Recommendations on 29/06/2011

We recently conducted the Lovedale Long Lunch and Newcastle Security were the firm contracted to do the guard services for the event. The Saturday in particular was a demanding situation which was handled extremely professionally by all your personnel. I witnessed personally your staff dealing firmly and positively with what could have been a potentially difficult situation. Your staff were […]


Patrols Efficiency

Case Studies, Patrols, Recommendations on 29/06/2011

Please thank your patrols for the excellent job they did last night. As usual they were there within minutes. Keep up the good work. Subsequent to a silent alarm at a National Trucking Firm, our patrolman chased a fellow through a hole in the fence and then through the bush. He got a number plate number which was given to […]


Alarm scares off burglars

Alarms, Case Studies, Recommendations on 29/06/2011

Coming into my shop and seeing the break and enter was devastating. Fortunately the alarm had scared the burglars off. Your representative Ray was out very promptly in the morning. He pointed out a weakness in my shop and offered to fix it for me straight away. I asked him how much it would cost and he said that I […]


Polite and Informative

Recommendations on 29/06/2011

We rang 3 Security Companies for a quote. Kristy was the only person to respond to our call. She was polite and informative. After we accepted her quote she came with the installer to explain everything to him. The job went without a hitch. The system is really easy to use and we are very happy with Newcastle Security.

Installation Crew

Recommendations on 29/06/2011

Your installation crew were amazing. It was a stinking hot day and they worked non stop. Being in business myself, I recognise efficiency. Your men were very efficient in everything they were doing. The senior fellow Eb, explained each step to the apprentice and they worked like a well drilled team. At the end of the day, when he would […]

Alarm Maintenance

Alarms, Recommendations on 28/06/2011

Alarm Maintenance I would like to thank you for resolving my problem with my dead alarm system. Living alone I rely on my alarm a lot and replacing it with a new one which was what I was told needed to happen, would have been beyond my means financially. The elderly technician who you sent out was very kind and […]