Proactive Patrol

Case Studies, FAQ, Guards, Patrols on 29/06/2011

Do you guys ever arrest anyone, is a frequently asked question? Here is a report where we were instrumental in making an arrest. The site is a deserted industrial plant where millions of dollars worth of machinery, copper and other goods are still in place. Our patrolmen who do 3 irregular calls a night took it very personally that during […]

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Patrols Efficiency

Case Studies, Patrols, Recommendations on 29/06/2011

Please thank your patrols for the excellent job they did last night. As usual they were there within minutes. Keep up the good work. Subsequent to a silent alarm at a National Trucking Firm, our patrolman chased a fellow through a hole in the fence and then through the bush. He got a number plate number which was given to […]