Installation Crew

Recommendations on 29/06/2011

Your installation crew were amazing. It was a stinking hot day and they worked non stop. Being in business myself, I recognise efficiency. Your men were very efficient in everything they were doing. The senior fellow Eb, explained each step to the apprentice and they worked like a well drilled team. At the end of the day, when he would […]

Alarm Maintenance

Alarms, Recommendations on 28/06/2011

Alarm Maintenance I would like to thank you for resolving my problem with my dead alarm system. Living alone I rely on my alarm a lot and replacing it with a new one which was what I was told needed to happen, would have been beyond my means financially. The elderly technician who you sent out was very kind and […]


Range of Security Services

Services on 22/06/2011

Newcastle Security has a diverse range of customers and services. The customers may range from a retired pensioner lady to a small business owner right up to a corporate multi national client. Our manpower services range from a guard at your son’s 18th birthday party to patrolling and controlling the crowds at the Lovedale Long Lunch. Our electronic services may […]